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We are offering you a total internet solution for online sales - much more than just a website.  It includes many services: consultation, design, development, hosting, optimization, site registration, search engine submission, monitoring of connectivity, and more.  All services tailored to the unique requirements of your business needs.

As technologies develop, it is important for businesses to conform to, and capitalize on this change.  Most business people understand that the Internet will significantly impact the way business is done in the future, yet lack the direction to properly take the important step to establish an effective Internet strategy for their company.

  With Internet commerce quickly making it's way around the world, companies are scrambling to get positioned for prosperity. We have the tools to take the promise of the Internet, and make it a reality.

We are your complete web answer, designed to open a new  door for you to the world of online commerce.

Come explore the ever expanding market of E-Commerce!


  We Can give you  
  Complete Internet Marketing solutions
E-commerce - sell directly on line
Complete - "new customer" solutions
E-business solutions for small and medium sized businesses.


  What's in it for you  
    No cost up front.
  No setup Fees.
  No monthly Fees.

Just a flat percentage of your ONLINE sales.

If you don't make money - WE don't make money.

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    Please note that these are "live" web sites.  If you make an order - your credit card will be charged.

The web site listed below is under construction:

Finished flash picture viewer.
Finished css rollover buttons.
still working on a new shopping cart.






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