Steps to Success:  
  First Contact  
  First off, we need to know that your are interested in our services-
And, we need to know what kind of service, or product you are interested in selling.
The easiest way to do that is to fill out our basic form, by clicking on the "join" button.
Granted "join" is a strange choice of words on our part, since we don't actually charge a monthly - or yearly fee, and you don't actually become a "member".
You become a Client.
You are "enrolled" into our care, like a family member.  With each and every one of us, looking out for each other and you, helping each other grow.

Once we hear from you, one of our Site Managers will contact you by email or phone.  At which time we can answer any questions you might have, and we can get more information from you about:
your product or service
Looks and 'feel' you want in a web site
Do you have an existing web site?
What name do you want for your domain (web site)
Do you have pictures to include
What text/wording to include
prices, shipping, etc.

If you have a domain name already (web site), we can give you the information needed to switch to our server -or- you can give us your login and password information, and we can do the switch for you -  so you can stop paying those monthly fees.

If you don't have a domain name yet, we can help you come up with one, or point you to one of the many sites on the internet where you can do the lookups yourself.

Once we have your site up and running, we will optimize the pages for search engines.  This is an ever-changing science, one that can make or break a successful web site.  One of the duties of our  Site Managers is to check the placements of their 'managed' sites in the ever changing 'war' of search engines, and to do what ever is needed to stay on top.

Need to add a product, or change a price, updates to your site is as simple as sending off an email to your manager.
No hourly fee.
No page fees.
Just no fees.

Let's work together and make things happen now!


  The T.O.S. (Terms of Service) is a long read.  Let's break some of it down.

If you owe us money, you have to pay us.
If we owe you money, we have to pay you.

If you owe us money, and don't pay us, we can charge you a late fee and interest on money owed, and 'turn off' your services (web site).
If we owe you money, and don't pay you in a reasonable time, you can take us to court.

You can't do anything against the law.
We can't do anything against the law.

If you do anything against the law, it's your fault, and you have to face the consequences.
If we do anything against the law, it's our fault, and we have to face the consequences.

If you decide to quit, you can't take any of our (Ecom Management) work with you, meaning our work we did on your web pages (site).  You still retain possession of text and images that you provided, but things like our shopping cart, hit counters, form processing ,etc al. remain property of Ecom Management.  We don't want to invest 4 0 hours of  design and coding just to have you steal it.


  Bottom Line  
  Basically, we change a 20% commission for all on line sales handled through the web site that we manage for you.  The percentage rate does differ from Client to Client depending on the product or service you provide.
High ticket items (over $100) or large quantities of sales deserve a lower commission rate.
As our (Ecom Management) productive Client base expands, our commission rates will go down, perhaps even introducing a ceiling on monthly commissions.  We do have to keep enough capital gain to offset the monies lost on poor ventures (sites that didn't produce), after all, this is a business.

We at think this is the best, no risk package deal you will ever find.  Where else can you put a business online, and see if it will work for free ?

What do you have to loose?
 a couple of minutes to fill out a form?


  Becoming an "Ecom Management" Client is just a click away  Start selling on the inernet now  


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