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Our Management services are a package deal.  Everything that is needed to sell products or services on the internet are included such as:

consultation development
design site registration
hosting optimization
search engine submission monitoring of connectivity
Shopping cart Several email accounts
hit counters with stats Real-time sales summary

The only thing you need is a product or service, and a willingness to give it a try!




 A Comprehensive Online Business Solution


We will work hard to bring you a stress free way of getting your products or services out onto the web with zero out of pocket expenses.


  Win-Win situation  

Because of our decision to charge on a commission, we make our money by charging you a small percentage (10% - 20%) of your online web sales, we won't make a dime until you do.  Because this is a business, we HAVE to make money.  The more the better!

Who is going to work harder for you?
A) Some big corporation that charges a flat fee
B) People who get more money if they do a better job


  What happens if I don't sell anything?  

Our designers have worked on products that (they thought) was so far "out there" that they've made side bets on what would sell, and what wouldn't - only to be shocked by what other people would spend their money on, and what they wouldn't.  Hopefully your product will sell, but if it doesn't:
10% of $0.00 is $0.00
20% of $0.00 is $0.00  You don't pay a dime.

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  Become a Client now  

As a Client, you can enjoy an easy to use web control panel that will enable you to see up to date sales, research traffic studies and trends of visitors to your site- Including which website (or page) they came from, and what search words/phrases they used. You can choose between email notification each time an order is placed or a weekly summary.  Month's end report is automatically emailed out. 

Soon Our business package will include everything you will need to manage your credit card transactions, including PayPal.

Becoming an "Ecom Management" Client is just a click away  Start selling on the inernet now



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